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The Bowen Therapy Professional Association (BTPA) is an independent, professional organisation for Bowen Therapy / Bowen Technique practitioners.

"Bowen therapy is a soft tissue remedial therapy that involves the therapist using fingers or thumbs to move over muscle, ligament, tendon and fascia in various parts of the body. This therapy can be effective to help relieve everyday stresses and revitalise the whole person." — Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council


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Bowen Therapy Professional Association (BTPA)

BTPA is an autonomous non-profit organisation run by Bowen Therapists for Bowen Therapists. The association provides a Constitution, Ethics and Code of Practice to help our members work professionally. BTPA assesses and accredits new courses for members' Continuing Professional Development (CPD). BTPA promotes Bowen Therapy through funding and attending conferences and exhibitions, organising 'Bowen Study programmes', social media and press articles.

Bowen Therapy / Bowen Technique is a drug-free, non-invasive, hands-on remedial therapy which can be administered through light clothing, with the client sitting, standing or lying. It has a remarkable record of success with clients affected by an astonishingly wide range of problems, often when nothing else has helped. It helps the body’s systems rebalance and promotes healing. Bowen is suitable for men, women and children of all ages.



Yesterday kicked off Back Care Awareness Week, and this year the theme is ‘Back Pain in Golf’. This year, the charity focuses awareness week on back health among golfers whether they are junior/seasoned, men/women, amateur/professional and provides healthy tips to enjoy the sport. Golf is a more dangerous sport than Rugby! Low back injuries account for 15.2% to 34% of all golf injuries, followed by injuries to the elbow (7% to 27%), shoulder (4% to 19%) and wrist 10%’according to the National Centre for Health Statistics (USA)...

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Shropshire Review

Bowen Therapy article

For years I have suffered with a painful neck and shoulders, which a couple of years ago led to a frozen shoulder. So when county Bowen therapist Kate Fullerlove offered to see if she could help, I had nothing to lose.

Bowen Therapy is a hands-on technique which aims to let the body heal itself. The theory is that the body will recognise problems and imbalance and make the necessary changes to bring it back to a state of equilibrium. Suitable for all ages, it can also help with emotional stress, and improve the quality of life for the terminally ill.

Symptoms which have been reported to respond include everything from headaches to foot problems, sciatica to digestive conditions. Among those who have used Bowen Therapy are TV adventurer Bear Grylls....

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