BTPA Approved HUMAN Bowen Training Schools

To train as a Bowen practitioner you must first start with a CORE Bowen course.

You may wish to explore the different variations in approach to the work of Tom Bowen against your own background prior to selecting the course most appropriate to you.

For some of the CORE courses prior sound knowledge of bodywork and anatomy and physiology is a pre-requisite.

CPD courses enable you to keep your skills up-to-date after your initial CORE training.

The Art of Bowen ¶ CPD ONLY

Alastair McLoughlin

Bowen College UK (core course) § CORE

Office: 01803 463 775    UK Tutor (Jihan Adem)

Bowen Training UK § CORE

0800 433 2885

College of Bowen Studies (CBS) € CORE and CPD

01373 461 812

Fascia Bowen Workshops § CPD ONLY

Jo Wortley 07855 734 877

Hormonal Release the Bowen Way § CPD ONLY

Ron Phelan

The Importance of Symmetry – A seminar for Bowen Therapists § CPD ONLY

Graham Pennington Australia +613 5561 2442

International Bowen Therapy Foundation (Susan Hagan) § CORE

00359 6128 2263 (Bulgarian landline) 00359 (0) 882 088944 (mobile)   www.bowen−

Neurostructural Integration Technique (NST) ¶ CORE

Michael Nixon–Livy 00613 9456 9913

The O lab ‘Foundation’ § CPD ONLY

The O lab TMD ‘Fundamentals’ § CPD ONLY

Ron Phelan 01202 601 007

Ross Emmett’s TBT101 (on completion of part 4 only) ¶ CPD ONLY

UK Coordinator: Lesley Salt 07908 117955
lesleysalt@emmett–   www.emmett–

Smart Bowen® (Brian Smart) § CORE and CPD UK Tutor (Randy Barber) 07743 495 588

U.S. Bowen with Gene Dobkin ¶ CPD ONLY
UK Coordinator (Keith Cherrington) 07900 180 294



§ evidence provided to confirm compliance with UK National Occupational Standards or overseas equivalent

€ May '17 – advised external accreditation work in hand – to confirm when complete

¶ 2016 review work remains to be completed

Details of Human Anatomy & Physiology courses can be found here