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Testimonial of your Bowen Therapy experience (how have you benefitted?):

I have been having Bowen Therapy now for about 18 months after a chance meeting in the local health shop. At the time I was searching for remedies in a very depressed state and finding it difficult to establish which one of my ailments was causing me the most distress at that time! I had been having very painful periods, lots of migraine type headaches and IBS. I felt in my own mind that the root of all my problems lie in my emotional state. I was very stressed and at the times when I seemed to have little stress in my life, I would soon find something! I had suffered from an Eating Disorder from the age of 14 and, at 43, despite recently having effective counselling for the first time, still felt that there were areas where I was 'stuck' emotionally. Austin was incredibly supportive, kind and compassionate from that first meeting despite me bursting into tears and feeling very foolish. He was convinced that Bowen Therapy could help me although; I have to confess that I was a little sceptical at the time and very, very scared. Austin warned me and in fact, he took the time to also explain to my husband that the treatment may well throw up some emotional issues which, ultimately, we would both have to deal with. The treatments, I was also warned could bring on symptoms for a short time and indeed they did. I had times when I felt very muzzy and light headed or like someone had hit me at the back of the head with a sledgehammer. Again, I was told only to be concerned if the symptoms lasted for more than a few days. Austin was always willing to talk on the phone if I needed to. I do feel that in order for any therapy to be effective, you have to have a good relationship with your therapist and to trust them. Although the therapy involves some fairly intrusive procedures, Austin was always professional in his approach and made me feel at ease. Discussions were also quite personal due to some of the difficulties which I had faced in trying to cope with my Eating Disorder but I never felt embarrassed at sharing them with Austin. He has made me see many things in a different light and helped me to gain confidence in myself as both an adult and, more importantly, as a woman. At the time that we met, I found it almost impossible to eat out and staying away from home was very difficult. I still find some of these things difficult but I am a lot better. I am slowly working my way around the world in culinary terms. I have already been to Japan a few times (I just love Japanese food!) Spain, Armenia and Morocco. I have Persia and Korea high on my list to try next! I am not quite so scared at facing a completely new restaurant with an unknown menu especially when with my husband who has been a huge 'rock' for me for the past 20 years. I have also stayed away from home for a few days by a combination of taking some foods with me and being able to eat out. Bowen, although a physical therapy has helped me more in an emotional way, to cope with my Eating Disorder. I am learning to see life as more of a series of challenges rather than problems, and I try to applaud myself for trying something even if it doesn't work out, rather than feeling a constant failure. I am happier to ask for help if I need it rather than feeling that that is another admission of failure and most of all, I can love and respect myself. I no longer have an Eating Disorder dominating my life. Yes – it is still there 'waiting in the wings' but I am in control of it. It is safe to be ME without hiding behind it. It is safe to slowly let it out of my life and to allow myself to be happy and live a fulfilling life with fun, laughter and enjoyment.

Reference: 00409, FEB 2011 [311]
Client: Mrs K
Therapist: Austin Burn-Jones



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