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Bowen Therapy for Children

Parents and carers have reported improvement in symptoms of many childhood ailments and problems after their children have received Bowen Therapy. They notice better posture, balance, co-ordination and the ability to cope better with the effects of trauma. Benefits may include:

  • healthier children with better concentration,
  • improved sleeping patterns,
  • enhanced motor control & behaviour,
  • leading to quieter, happier children.

Some childhood ailments may require regular Bowen therapy sessions.

A child's Bowen session is very gentle. Many report finding it a pleasant and relaxing experience. All therapy sessions are carried out through light clothing, whilst the parent / guardian remains in the room.

Please contact the organiser of your local Bowen children's clinic if you would like your child to benefit from Bowen Technique therapy.



Visit the BTPA Children's Clinic Facebook page to share ideas about using Bowen Therapy for children.

Watch our video about Bowen Therapy for Children...

Tom Bowen Legacy Trust Fund (UK)

This was set up to help the parents of children with disabilities to buy essential equipment to improve their quality of life. The children who benefit have all received Bowen Therapy. Donations are requested from therapists and the public.

Information for Parents

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