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Evidence of What Bowen Helps


To be able to show what Bowen helps, BTPA continues to gather client and practitioner testimonials, case studies and research in written and in video form, accessible via this page.

BTPA is always interested in hearing about further reputable sources enabling the evidence base for Bowen to grow from firm foundations. It is still relatively new to the UK (Tom Bowen, its creator, would have been 100 in 2016) but is already one of those therapies where for most it is ‘once tried never forgotten’.

Bowen is reported to help with a wide variety of ailments. It is holistic in nature which is to say it works on the whole body rather than being a treatment for specific conditions.

By releasing stress at a very deep level, via its calming effect on the Autonomic Nervous System, Bowen sets the scene for the body to heal itself. In contrast to many other hands-on therapies, Bowen does not attempt to force the body to change; rather it asks the body to recognise and make the changes necessary to bring it back to homoeostasis (physiological equilibrium).

Bowen is suitable for all ages, from a baby with colic to an elderly person with arthritis, and there are no known contra-indications.

Bowen can be of assistance in many cases of emotional stress, where relaxation is a prime factor in easing pain and anxiety. It is also often a great help in improving the quality of life for those who are terminally ill.


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