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Testimonials & Case Studies


What complaint(s) or symptom(s) brought you to the Bowen Technique:

Eczema and food intolerance

Testimonial of your Bowen Therapy experience (how have you benefitted?):

Rosie is three. She was so poorly with eczema in July 2002 that another of my patients saw her at her child's playgroup and rang me in tears. She said she had prayed all the way home in the car that I would be in, and that I would say that yes, Bowen could help skin problems. The poor child was so sore and covered in lesions that she could hardly bear her clothes on in the heat and was crying and crying in pain and discomfort. That afternoon Rosie's mother rang me to make an appointment. The story was more serious than just the eczema. Rosie was horribly food intolerant, she couldn't eat eggs, wheat or dairy and a lot of other things besides, and worse still she couldn't even touch those things, for if she did, she would blow up with great wheals which were hot and red and violently itchy. After her first Bowen, Rosie calmed down a lot, she was generally happier and less itchy and grizzly. The improvement continued and she has been to me fortnightly for over a year. She has had some tricky moments and some horrible genital irritation, but Bowen immediately sorts her out, and now she is entirely clear of the eczema. Now, when she accidentally comes in contact with one of her triggers, the reaction appears to begin, but immediately dies down (heard that one before?) and Rosie is just a different little girl. In the meantime she has acquired a sister, Ruby, and has weathered that without a hitch.

Reference: [313]
Client: Rosie
Therapist: Gillian La Haye

What complaint(s) or symptom(s) brought you to the Bowen Technique:

Child with eczema and asthma

Testimonial of your Bowen Therapy experience (how have you benefitted?):

We decided to take J who was 17 months old to see Rosemary for Bowen treatment as he had been diagnosed as asthmatic when he was just 2 months old. J had to be given his pump 4 times a day which caused him to get very stressed as he didn't like having the spacer over his face. J always had a cough and cold and was wheezing all the time. He used to regularly suffer from croup and was taken by hospital by ambulance once as it got so bad. He used to wake regularly in the night coughing and always had a runny nose. J also suffered from eczema and would scratch until he was covered with scratches and bleeding. A family member heard about Rosemary and we arranged a meeting. I was amazed that the sessions were only about 10 minutes long. Right from the first treatment there were vast improvements in James health. The cough practically disappeared overnight. Everyone I met noticed and commented on James lack of cough and increase in energy. By the time J had had 3 treatments the wheezing had completely gone, his nose didn't run so much and he barely coughed at all. He doesn't have his pump anymore and his eczema has improved a great deal. J is a happy lively boy now and has a peaceful, undisturbed night sleep every night. We are amazed and very pleased with the results and recommend it to everyone we meet.

Reference: 00439, FEB 2011 [312]
Client: DS, mother of J
Therapist: Rosemary Cunningham



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