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Testimonial of your Bowen Therapy experience (how have you benefitted?):

Charlie was diagnosed pre-birth with hydrocephalus. Early scans before birth showed his brain was not developing properly due a problem with a valve in the brain which allows spinal fluid (which protects the brain) to drain; this caused a pressure surrounding the brain. He was induced at 38 weeks as the neurologist was worried that the size of his head was increasing and the pressure on his brain could be fatal. The prognosis given at the time was not good; in fact the medical staff were not expecting him to survive childbirth. Charlie didn't need any specialist treatment immediately after birth but unfortunately the neurologists fears were confirmed after 8 weeks – when he was having a shunt fitted – that Charlie had suffered problems with his vision. We started to attend The Children's Bowen Clinic when Charlie was about six months old. At the time he could not hold his head and his whole body was very floppy. He had been diagnosed with cerebral palsy as well, which had affected all four limbs. However over time Charlie has made giant steps: he is able to communicate with others, crawl (his spatial awareness is amazing), sit up straight; he is able with minimal support to transfer from a sitting position to a standing position. All of these things have only been made possible with the help of the people who have treated Charlie throughout his life. The main ones being the physiotherapists, Bowen treatments and specialist playgroups. I don't think any one area of Charlie's care can take total credit for the improvements we have seen in his symptoms, you have to take a more holistic view and each treatment has benefits to Charlie. I don't know how this treatment works but it has certainly helped Charlie to be where he is today. It has helped when he has had colds, with his muscle control and tone but he also enjoys having the treatment and the interaction with people who carry out the treatment. The volunteers are all wonderful people, who give up their time, one of their most valuable commodities, free of charge to help children like Charlie. We can never thank them enough.

Reference: [425]
Client: Charlie
Therapist: Bury St Edmunds Children's Clinic



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