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Testimonial of your Bowen Therapy experience (how have you benefitted?):

We are writing to express our delight with what has happened to Arwen Poppy since she started having Bowen Therapy sessions in Cardiff. We were told about this therapy by a family that attended the Caerphilly Children's Centre and decided to give it a go - a little sceptical at first, we have to admit (although I have had many alternative therapies myself). Approximately 7 sessions later we are so glad we did! Our daughter was born with cataracts and has worn contact lenses ever since having her lenses removed at 3½ weeks old. She also has very low tone which means that at over 1½ years old she still cannot sit, crawl or walk. It was the despair at the slow progress she was making with conventional methods that we took this chance and are so pleased we did! We have seen daily improvement since Poppy started having Bowen Therapy sessions and this is in very real terms NOT a 'miracle cure' that cannot be quantified. She has improved muscle control - the messages that for so long have been misinterpreted by her brain are now starting to work. She is trying desperately to turn over from front to back and now vice versa (something we wondered if we would ever see), sit when supported and pull and push against us and even try and put weight through her legs. She is also developing quite a loud and determined character which is a joy to see after such passive early months. I wish this had been suggested much earlier in Poppy's life - as a complementary method of relaxation and body awareness if nothing else. I cannot see that it conflicts in any way with conventional therapies such as physiotherapy or occupational therapy and it has made a huge impact on our lives! We are the lucky ones and make every effort to spread the word amongst the families we meet every day at the myriad appointments we have to attend with a child still without a diagnosis.

Reference: [524]
Client: Poppy



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