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Testimonials & Case Studies


Testimonial of your Bowen Therapy experience (how have you benefitted?):

In December 1996 I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and was told the condition was uncontrollable. Mine was the primary progressive type and by the year 2000 was unable to walk more than 300 yards without having to stop for a rest. I acquired an electric scooter early in 2002 to get around better and stared having Bowen Therapy from Cathy Vivian. This made a huge difference to my energy levels and before long I gave up using the scooter. In 2004, I was diagnosed with Cryptogenic fibrosing alveolitis and given an average of 4 years to live. Cathy treated me using the respiratory procedure and for 5 years my hospital tests have shown no deterioration. In August 2009 I was diagnosed as having a COPD lung condition (emphysema) in addition to to the CFA which was diagnosed in 2004. I continue to have occasional therapy sessions from Cathy and can strongly recommend Bowen Therapy to treat almost any condition.

Reference: 01594-04-11 [563]
Client: ML
Therapist: Cathy Vivian

Testimonial of your Bowen Therapy experience (how have you benefitted?):

I have secondary progressive MS and after being discharged by my consultant, as there being nothing more he could do for me, I searched to find alternative therapies and came across Bowen therapy. I have been having Bowen for over 2 years now and am finding it is keeping my symptoms stable. I have more movement in my hands and arms now, and can even hold a pen to sign my name. My general health hs improved. Whilst many would consider these only minor improvements, to me they are major steps and Claire, my therapist, is working at keeping my MS stable. I felt conventional medicine had given up on me, but now I feel I have hope once again with my Bowen therapy.

Reference: 01058, FEB 2011 [562]
Client: MC
Therapist: Claire Phillipson

Testimonial of your Bowen Therapy experience (how have you benefitted?):

Having been diagnosed with MS two years ago and qualifying for Rebif after two relapses I thought I would never be 'normal' again. I was introduced to Bowen Technique through Rural Therapies and had my first 1/2 hour treatment a month ago. After the first five minutes of tweaking I could feel my body especially my legs begin to balance, my right side is very weak due to a massive relapse last year when that side went completely numb. I felt quite tired and nauseous in the afternoon so I knew something was working. Over the next two weeks I noticed that my energy levels had improved and some of my 'normal' life was beginning to return. I have since had a top up 'tweak' and yet again my energy levels have increased, my wonky right foot is connected to my body and I feel whole again.

Reference: 00415, FEB 2011 [561]
Client: LD
Therapist: Jo Wortley

Testimonial of your Bowen Therapy experience (how have you benefitted?):

I suffer from MS and after seeing Janie I am more flexible and feel stronger. I also find after a treatment my general wellbeing is increased.

Reference: 01059, MARCH, 2011 [560]
Client: DR
Therapist: Janie Godfrey

What complaint(s) or symptom(s) brought you to the Bowen Technique:


Testimonial of your Bowen Therapy experience (how have you benefitted?):

I discovered Bowen therapy during my last M.S. episode. This was a particularly bad episode and I have been treated with steroids. Unfortunately I had a lot of the side effects from the steroids and consequently I felt worse. I had great difficulty walking; my energy levels on a scale of 1 to 10 were about 4. My hands and arms were affected with lots of muscle spasms, which meant I was unable to write, sew or feed myself. My eyes were also affected with optical neuritis, so unable to read or drive. Although I have a positive outlook, all the above symptoms eventually got me down and I became quite depressed. Twenty four hours after my first Bowen therapy session I felt so much better. By my fourth session the spasms in my arms and hands had almost disappeared, my energy level had risen to an 8 and I walked for a whole shopping trip around Sainsbury's. I felt almost back to normal. I have Bowen sessions every three to four weeks and am able to live life to the full and to continue with my quilt making and baking.

Reference: 01263-02-11 [559]
Client: SH
Therapist: Sandra Harris

What complaint(s) or symptom(s) brought you to the Bowen Technique:

Multiple Sclerosis

How did your complaint(s)/symptom(s) affect you?:

Standing, walking, sitting up straight.

What activities have you been able to resume since receiving Bowen sessions? How has your life been improved?:


Testimonial of your Bowen Therapy experience (how have you benefitted?):

Bowen gives me more energy so I am able to do more and better physiotherapy. This in turn improves my standing and walking. It also helps/cures small localised pain or spasticity especially in my lower back. It has helped a little with my incontinence as well.

Reference: 01526-05-15 [558]
Client: KJ
Therapist: Danielle Mitchell



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