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Testimonials & Case Studies


What complaint(s) or symptom(s) brought you to the Bowen Technique:

For a check up and to prevent back pain and to relax.

How did your complaint(s)/symptom(s) affect you?:

Poor coordination

What activities have you been able to resume since receiving Bowen sessions? How has your life been improved?:

Riding scooter.

How many sessions have you received (and how often)?:


Testimonial of your Bowen Therapy experience (how have you benefitted?):

My son (7 years old) after 2 sessions of Bowen therapy this has increased his balance incredibly. (He could not ride his scooter) and the day after the 2nd session (he) starts to ride his scooter (that he does not want to ride because he got frustrated). Amazing. And of course I can appreciate in his co-ordination.

I would be happy to recommend Bowen Therapy to others.

I would be happy to recommend my therapist to others.

Reference: 1771 [939]
Client: Patricia Gonzalez
Therapist: Myriam Thomachot

Testimonial of your Bowen Therapy experience (how have you benefitted?):

Cadi has been having Bowen Therapy fortnightly since Sept 16th 2000. At this time Cadi was able to sit independently but had no saving reactions, and therefore collapsed easily. Cadi was nearly getting herself into the crawling position, but was not moving. She still lost her head control when she became tired. Her speech was only on a basic vocalising level, no specific words, and in general had little interest in what was happening around her. Cadi is now able to pull herself to stand, cruise around furniture, walk with assistance and has been seen to take a couple of steps independently. Her speech is still very basic, approx. 4 words but she communicates well using gestures and sign language. Although she is not talking as of yet her vocalising and social interaction is developing steadily. Cadi now attends full time education, Welsh medium main stream school 3 days a week and an English medium special school for the remaining 2 days. We as parents believe that the treatment received from the Bowen Therapy team has been of great help to Cadi in her remedial development. Her posture and general co-ordination has improved remarkably. The work done by the Bowen Therapists has helped to give her a steadiness and motor control which she previously lacked. Cadi's fine motor skills have developed and improved with the help of the Bowen technique. When Cadi started her therapy she was unaware of her hands, she is now able to pick up small items e.g. a paper clip, easily. There is no doubt that the Bowen team have a great understanding of various / different problems. Work has been done on Cadi in conjunction with her general weaknesses e.g. around her midriff to help her general balance and walking. The Bowen therapists note the areas upon which they are working and outline what stages of development they are aiming to improve. Cadi always responds well to the sessions and is very happy in their care. Upon leaving she is relaxed but also bright and attentive - even though slightly tired after her exertions! Whilst we are aware that it is difficult to pin this down to one area of her treatment we have noticed that she is very bright for the few days after Bowen Therapy. When it is not possible to attend sessions for some reason we feel that she misses the stimulation. She has been on, and continues to receive, medication for her epilepsy - a type which seems difficult to control. She has also been on a ketogenic diet for the past 2.5 years (high fat, low in protein / carbohydrates). It had been suggested that Cadi may never crawl or walk - we have proved this wrong, and due to her Bowen Sessions Cadi's general development is making significant improvement and progress in all areas. We will continue to give Cadi every opportunity to advance and we do believe the Bowen Therapy is a major contributing factor towards her development. In closing, we hope that Cadi can continue to benefit and progress from the Bowen Therapy and therefore reach her full potential.

Reference: [658]
Client: Cadi



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