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Testimonials & Case Studies


What complaint(s) or symptom(s) brought you to the Bowen Technique:

The side effects of 6 months chemo for prostate cancer

How did your complaint(s)/symptom(s) affect you?:

My overall bodily control and alignment was affected, my eyes and mouth watered

What activities have you been able to resume since receiving Bowen sessions? How has your life been improved?:

Bodily control is hugely improved including balance. Eye watering has gone.

Testimonial of your Bowen Therapy experience (how have you benefitted?):

In addition to the above, the treatment has toned up my muscles – especially with shoulders damaged during two falls just after the chemotherapy. The treatment is an excellent relaxation process. The combined effect of working on my body control systems, muscles and alignment has greatly improved my wellbeing and given me good mobility.

Reference: 01346-4-13 [673]
Client: MS
Therapist: Kathryn Phillips



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