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Testimonial of your Bowen Therapy experience (how have you benefitted?):

Sacroiliactitis was the diagnosis as she handed me a prescription for Naproxen. And so began my long and expensive road to recovery. Two days later with a raging allergic reaction I once again presented myself to the doctor. This time I was given Surgam 300 but because I didn't have an inflammation an anti-inflammatory wasn't going to work and it didn't. Homoeopathy was my next idea. A very over-priced and long-winded investigation of my medical history, symptoms and emotions which ended with me being given Arnica 200. I think a trip to Boots would have had the same conclusion. Next stop Kinesiology. Not because I am a believer but because my friend would do it for free. She came up with the "fact" that my Ileocecal valve wasn't working properly and I needed zinc and probiotics which I duly ordered. So it wasn't so free after all. Another friend suggested I submit to the G5 or 'The Thumper'. If you are unfamiliar with this piece of a torturer's equipment I will explain. Picture a flat iron but twice the size and much heavier. The torturer puts it on your sore spot and presses a button and it takes off thumping and thumping till you think it will never stop. It was actually quite a pleasant sort of pain. It made me wince at first but then I got used to it and, because it was painful, I was convinced it was doing me good. Not so. I decided then to go for the more traditional of the complementary therapies. I began with Osteopathy with every expectation that it would do the trick. After two very enjoyable treatments by a very well meaning Osteopath, I was still unable to get up from putting my ball on the tee without digging my thumb into my sacroiliac joint and wincing with pain. By this time, 3 months down the line I was getting very tired of feeling 90 years old so I took the advice of another friend and went to her Chiropractor for a complete overhaul starting from scratch. The first appointment took 45 minutes and £67.50 but I was sure I was onto a good thing. It must be at that price. The next 3 were barely 20 minutes long and I felt rushed and a bit conned. I was wedged, and prodded and poked and at one point she put on a blue latex glove and said "Open up." Disillusioned, I cancelled my 4th appointment and finally came to my senses. Lorette Wicks, still a student, suggested I be her last case study. After the first Bowen I was pain free and could play tennis and golf with no problem or pain. Two more and I was done. If I overdo the sports my back will ache but no more than anyone else's. It soon recovers with a bit of rest and I can stand up easily after putting my ball on the tee. Thank you Lorette Now is there a Bowen move to improve my Golf?

Reference: T13, JAN. 2010 [689]
Client: Glenna G.
Therapist: Lorette Wickes



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