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Testimonials & Case Studies


What complaint(s) or symptom(s) brought you to the Bowen Technique:

2 year-old boy - speech therapy

Testimonial of your Bowen Therapy experience (how have you benefitted?):

A 2-year-old boy was brought to me for a consultation, two weeks before Christmas. His history was of poor speech and limited hearing. He was due to have grummets fitted. Fortunately his mother had heard of the Bowen Technique and decided to have him treated prior to surgery. Initially I did not think I would get anywhere treating the child. He was a delightful boy full of beans, so the idea of getting him onto the couch was a no go! I work from home and have a piano in the treatment room, this turned out be a blessing. Some may call it bribery but I like to think of it as a reward, but after being able to perform a couple of moves my young client was 'allowed' to play on the piano. Basic moves the first week, and trust the body to work with the Bowen. The second week he was very active and quite difficult to work with. We (his mum and I) again with 'rewards' were able to do the basic treatments, and then perform the TMJ. After 'Page 3' with him lying down, his mum said 'Oh my goodness, he has given his body over to you'. Suddenly this young body had relaxed and he was quiet, I was truly amazed. I performed the treatment and a very happy mum and a very sleepy and quiet child left for home. I heard nothing until the week after Christmas. The call I had will stay with me forever. The Mum phoned to say they no longer needed to see the speech therapist or for the child to have grummets fitted. I was thrilled with that, but then she went on to say that the best Christmas present had been hearing her son speak properly for the first time on Christmas morning. I have delayed in telling this story, as it sounds too fanciful and emotional. I was just thrilled that there had been such a positive response after only 2 treatments. My learning curve has been that Bowen works in almost any set of circumstances. One should not apply a rigid set of rules as to how and when to perform the moves. From all this who knows, I may have inspired the next world famous pianist into action, all through Bowen!

Reference: [838]
Therapist: Diane Pannell

What complaint(s) or symptom(s) brought you to the Bowen Technique:


How did your complaint(s)/symptom(s) affect you?:

Talking smoothly

What activities have you been able to resume since receiving Bowen sessions? How has your life been improved?:

There seemed to be an improvement after treatment

Testimonial of your Bowen Therapy experience (how have you benefitted?):

The experience was pleasant and relaxing. It seems to help relaxation and stammering seemed to reduce. Linda was very calming during the treatment

Reference: 10577-03-16 [837]
Client: VR
Therapist: Linda Moore



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