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Testimonial of your Bowen Therapy experience (how have you benefitted?):

I am a 36 year old aerobics instructor with a 2 year old daughter called Lucy. I had been on medication for Trigeminal Neuralgia for 3 years. When the pain started getting worse my hands would shake, the pain in the right hand side of my head and face was unbearable, I felt like I lived constantly with PMT and I crashed the car twice! My neurologist said it was time to operate in Feb '06. My operation was a success but even after a few months the pain was still there. It seemed with looking after a 2 year old and coping with everyday life it was going to take some time for the pain in my head and face to go which in turn was making me feel very depressed. Having spoken to Clare about the Bowen Technique I decided to give it a try, anything was better than living with the pain. The day after my first session my body felt exhausted but the next day I felt great. I have had 4 treatments now and only occasionally need painkillers. Life is good at the moment. I have slight tightness in my head but this is from the operation and I can now get on with life and not take 6/8 painkillers a day. The Bowen Technique has helped to give me my life back.

Reference: 425 [849]
Client: JH
Therapist: Clare Handforth



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