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There are many Bowen Therapy clinics around the UK that offer specific sessions for children. Some of these clinics offer discounted rates for kids' therapy sessions (or choose to accept a donation rather than charging a full fee).

If the search facility on this page fails to find any Bowen Children's Clinics near you, please use the 'Find A Bowen Therapist' option to look for a therapist in your area - many Bowen practitioners would be happy to treat children and infants - get in touch with your local Bowen Therapy practitioner to discuss your child's needs.

In accordance with the BTPA Codes of Practice, therapists treating children under 16 years of age are required to have the child's parent or guardian present at all times.

Please note: The Bowen Technique is a therapy that will work effectively alongside and in conjunction with conventional medicine, but should not be mixed with other complementary therapies without advice from your therapist. It is not intended as a substitute for medical advice or treatments recommended by your doctor.

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