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BTPA First Aid Requirements

The First Aid requirements for Full members are as follows:

New Joiners

If you are joining BTPA for the first time, you will need to provide evidence that you hold a current First Aid certificate (or have equivalent training through your profession).

The minimum First Aid training required to join BTPA is a 1 day, hands-on, certificated course that includes resuscitation that is valid for 3 years. Please see suitable courses below.

Renewing Members

At the annual renewal of your full BTPA membership you must hold a current First Aid certificate. You will only be expected to provide evidence of this if your previous First Aid certificate has expired. (We only accept First Aid certificates which are valid for 3 years, therefore you will only need to provide evidence of First Aid training every 3 years).

The minimum First Aid training required to renew membership is as follows:

Initially, a 1 day, hands-on course that includes resuscitation where the certificate is valid for three years.

Suitable courses

Suitable courses are available from The British Red Cross and St John Ambulance. Both organisations have a regular programme of courses throughout the country. Some Colleges of Further Education and Local Councils also offer similar courses and can sometimes be cheaper. Courses are also available from private instructors.

BTPA also accepts current First Aid certificates that have been gained through work e.g. Nurses, Air Stewards or ‘First Aid at Work’ and ‘Life Savers’.


If you have already completed 2 x ‘hands on’ First Aid courses BTPA will accept online First Aid under certain conditions - see details below.

Always ensure courses are certificated, valid for 3 years, and cover resuscitation. One day is the minimum.

You may of course prefer to undertake more than this minimum training, such as 'First Aid at work'.

Online First Aid

We are aware that finding a First Aid course at a reasonable price, at a convenient date and time, and local to you, can be difficult. For this reason we will accept online First Aid so long as:

  • it meets the BTPA requirements - i.e. is certificated, covers resuscitation and is valid for 3 years.
  • you have already completed 2 x ’hands on’ First Aid courses first.
  • after taking an online First Aid course, you would be expected to attend a ‘hands on’ First Aid course when your renewal is due.
  • BTPA will then accept alternate online / hands-on course certificates on an ongoing basis.
  • you will still be able to count this course towards your CPD points as normal (6 hours max. claimable).

BTPA have negotiated a discount (course fee reduced to £14.95 + VAT) for an online First Aid course with Protrainings which meets the criteria – full details and discount code for members are available from the Members' area of the website.


If you have any queries about First Aid please contact the office.

Employers’ legal duties (First Aid)

The Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations 1981 require employers to provide adequate and appropriate equipment, facilities and personnel to ensure their employees receive immediate attention if they are injured or taken ill at work. These Regulations apply to all workplaces including those with less than five employees and to the self-employed.

What is ‘adequate and appropriate’ will depend on the circumstances in the workplace. This includes whether trained first-aiders are needed, what should be included in a first-aid box and if a first-aid room is required.

Employers are required to carry out an assessment of first-aid needs. This involves consideration of workplace hazards and risks, the size of the organisation and other relevant factors, to determine what first-aid equipment, facilities and personnel should be provided.

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