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Testimonial from a GP

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Bowen is one of the most useful skills I have learnt since I started working as a GP in 1985.

Several years ago while suffering from sciatica I was lucky enough to have a friend who offered to treat me with a new technique she had learned - Bowen. I obtained quick and longstanding relief and decided to learn the Technique for myself.

I qualified as a Bowen therapist in 2001 and have continued to incorporate it into my GP practice. In every surgery I encounter many musculoskeletal problems and injuries that respond quickly and easily to Bowen. If pushed for time and the injury is recent I just do the acute moves but will usually try and give a full body balance as well as addressing the area of concern.

I am fortunate to have both a couch in my consultation room, and one in an examination room next door. This means I can leave my Bowen patient on the couch next door but still continue with my surgery. The nature of Bowen is such that the patient is left on their own between moves to allow their body to respond to the stimulus given. Usually this response time would be just 2 to 5 minutes but my patients know I will be back after the next patient - usually about 10 minutes. They understand this and usually enjoy the opportunity to rest undisturbed for a while. 

It is very satisfying to give patients quick relief from even longstanding problems and treating acute injuries quickly on first presentation means that long term sequelae of injuries are avoided.

I have 2 GP colleagues who have on my recommendation trained as Bowen therapists. Both have also been pleased with the results this simple technique brings to their patients. An increasing number of physiotherapists are now learning the technique though most practitioners of course are not medically qualified. However the technique is incredibly gentle so no harm can come even to babies or frail elderly patients. Practitioners do not diagnose and often recommend their clients to seek a diagnosis from their GP or consultant before treatment commences, which further enhances the safety of this simple and straightforward technique.

If you don't know who your local Bowen Practitioners are I would recommend you find out!  

Therapist: Claire Pickin
Ref: T21

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